Cottage-Boat-Dock-Triangle Administration

Attempting to better plan, communicate about, and keep track of Administration of 2414 Okoboji Blvd and associated dock, boats, etc.

Examples of things on this administrative site: The year the new siding was put on, phone number for the plumber that turns off the water, amount paid for taxes, drawings of the property, calendar of whose coming to the lake, when, and directions for closing the cottage.

Note: Information about how to have fun (like surfboarding behind the tigé) and


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family history are found at the other site, Okoboji Fun, Pictures, and Family History, okobojipics.drjimo.net

Technical Notes about the Site

  1. Updating: If you have something to add to the website, please type it up and send it (email) to Jim. If there are pictures or documents, please include them. Jim will add it to the website (which is pretty easy for him. [If others want to learn how to edit WordPress, that’s an option too.]
    Updating a website (page) is easy if the content is ready in a usable form. The who-what-where-why-when already are typed up. Here are 3 examples (short, medium, and longer)

    1. 2016 New Drier – Maytag
    2. Boat Insurance (new policy for the Tigé) annually – August 8, 2016 to August 8, 2017. Click for Verification of Insurance 2016.
    3. Description of the Tigé purchase see http://okobojiadmin.drjimo.net/ownership/boats.
  2. As a general rule, the most recent information will be at the top. For example, this year’s Ongoing Tasks & Expenses should be at the top. As one goes down the page the information from previous years is there.
  3. This site will use posts. These are for announcements and information that ‘will expire.’ Information that should be saved (‘archived’) should be put on a page, not a post. The main category for posts will, therefore, be announcements.

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Page originally created (and maintained) by Jim Olsen. The hope is that many people will contribute things for this website.

Website address: okobojiadmin.drjimo.net