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City of West Okoboji

Information as of 8/3/21

Jim met with the City Clerk/City Administrator (excellent meeting!). His name is Derrick Miner.  He has multiple duties for the city, including Treasurer, City Administrator, and more (I think he even does the website). (He’s from Spirit Lake and went to UNI.) He’s been with the City of West Okoboji since August 2019.

Key Card: We bought a key card to get past the gate to get to the recycling. The card is hanging in the broom closet at the back of the house. There was a $50 charge which is for a lifetime.  There is a $5 replacement charge if something goes wrong.  (Without the card the recycling area is open Wed. and Fri. 1-3 pm and Sundays 10-noon.) More info in the April 2021 Newsletter.

Dickinson County Regional Collection Center

This is .5 mile east of the Catholic Church (Milford). 🔷They take lots of stuff (sometimes at no charge ;-). The old metal charcoal grill was taken there 8/3/21. 🔷They have free soil/dirt (if you load it yourself). Take 5-gal buckets or a trailer. (If they load it for you there is a cost.)
The staff is nice out there, it is close, and not very expansive.  (Whereas the Dickinson County Landfill (Waste Management) is raunchy, for-profit/expensive, huge, farther away, and generally undesirable.)

Dickinson County Regional Collection Center

Lake Patrol (DNR)

(as of 8-12-16)

They use the Dickinson County Sheriff Dispatcher: 712-336-2525. They can radio out to the lake patrol on the lake.

Conservation Officers (I believe they are Lake Patrols). (These numbers come from the DNR in Des Moines.)

  • Jeff Morrison: 712-260-1017
  • John Stone:  712-260-1019